Trying drupal CVS

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I'm going to be checking out Drupal CVS over the next few days. I'm really anti-excited about the whole "being online to blog" thing. Yeah, I know, I can vi a file or something and paste it, but I'd really prefer to be able to use mozblog or something so that I don't have to be online, and that I can really tweak the heck out of links in my post before putting it up there. Wish me luck.


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Drupal CVS and Mozblog

Well, it turns out that Drupal CVS still has problems with xmlrpc.php. Although it accepts the submissions, it marks them as being from "anonymous" and I still have to log in to promote them to the front page. And then from that point on, they still show up as being submitted by "anonymous" instead of me.

Guess I'll still keep composing offline in vi or kwrite and copy/pasting my blog entries for now. Eh, well, I look forward to when they have that fixed.

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