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Blendtec vs. Vita-mix

We burn through blenders within a year or two, including a $150 Ninja among others. Looking at higher-end, long-warranty blenders, there are really only two choices in the USA today: Blendtec & Vita-mix. We ended up buying a Blendtec. Here's why.

* "Will It Blend" videos. Duh. Huge appeal for that reason alone.
* Broad base, easy to clean.

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Unconditional Love

The "feeling" of love is largely out of your control; you can no more choose to feel love for someone without an action than you can choose to feel pain, hunger, or misery. The only love over which you have any control is love as an action: choosing to include someone in your life.

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Management Confusion

The automated system was malfunctioning. Despite cutting-edge technological mechanisms for passive detection of and active response to frequently-changing usage patterns, it simply had not been able to cope with ongoing changes. Debates raged on email threads as to how to respond. Some proposed simplifying the system; they were derided for the quantity of user input required and the probability of escalating cost when users failed to take appropriate steps. Others proposed increasing the number of monitors in use to allow for potential uses that had not been considered when the system was designed, and were in turn derided for the additional complexity and cost to institute such a system.

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Solution for blocking telemarketers

I'm wondering about solutions available to block incoming telemarketer calls, particularly technology solutions.

I am currently a Comcast residential subscriber (phone/internet/cable) receiving at least two inbound calls a day from telemarketers.

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Synthesizer Guidance

What would those of you with interest in this area recommend for me? I have a couple of MIDI keyboard controllers, one as part of an M-Audio Venom. What I need now are some more sampled sounds--strings, piano, etc. to use with my band. The most important thing is cost, so I'm looking pretty much at vintage stuff.

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Calling Out

My middle daughter, Sydney, age 7, was being bullied in her new class. She responded by writing a song called Believe In Yourself. She wrote the lyrics and melody all by herself.

I found it catchy enough that I came up with some chords.

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Gun Control

Let's get some good ole barnson.org discussion going! Let's discuss gun control. I know Matt & Ben have strong, differing views on this, so we should be able to get some good discourse going....

My views are that I agree that in a perfect world. they're be no reason for guns, guns are primarily used to kill people, and we should get rid of guns. If you want to hunt, use a bow and arrow or muzzle-loader and give the prey a chance.

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Armed Citizens Don't Count

Recently, Mother Jones published a widely-circulated study suggesting that armed citizens have never stopped any mass shootings in the USA. It's important to know how these things are counted, though. If the shooting doesn't boast a sufficient number of deaths -- at least four dead -- then it just doesn't count. That's a lot of mass shootings that just don't count as such.

Let's take a look at what else doesn't count.

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Sometimes People Miss The Point

Support: "Why didn't you escalate this issue earlier?"

Me: "I don't actually care if it's fixed. The two points of my ticket submitted over three months ago were:
"One: To demonstrate the workaround I'm using, and

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Support Good Government


Several bills assaulting your right to keep and bear arms were introduced to Congress on Monday, January 7, 2013. Among other things, these bills seek to register semi-automatic firearms. Noncompliance will be met with police raids of your home, seizure and destruction of your property, fines, and imprisonment.

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