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Common Courtesy

Haven't blogged in awhile, but I thought that mentioning this on Facebook was too public.

What the hell happened to common courtesy? Twice today I am chagrined by the lack of courtesy shown to me by folks.

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Hiking National Parks

This coming week, I and my family will be hiking various national and state parks in and around St. George, UT. Late May is a little bit warm for the activity -- high 80s, low 90s -- but I think it will be fun nonetheless.

For would-be robbers, of course my mother will still be keeping guard at the house :)

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Free R/C Flight Instruction

For a long time, my club has provided free R/C flight instruction for anybody who shows up at the Jordan Modelport. Today, I decided it was finally time to write a web page showing off the fact that the Utes provide [url=http://uterc.org/node/429]free flight instruction[/url] for anyone willing to pony up $4 to get into the park on a Wednesday night.

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Hardware for Dummies... or You're Too Stupid To Own A Computer

For the technically illiterate, here's a brief overview of what's inside of a computer. My goal here is to give you just enough information to be dangerous, akin to a mechanic telling you what the parts of your car are, and to give you some useful jargon to throw at your computer tech and make the poor pimple-faced teenager even more confused than he already is.

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Upgrade Time

So it's time, once again, to upgrade barnson.org to a new version of Drupal. I'll be taking things down for a few hours.

Not like I have more than a half-dozen regular readers anyway. So for you six guys out there, sorry we're going to be down for a bit!

--Matt B.

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On backups and not saving customer data...

So I had an interesting week. We're nearing a "freeze" period at work -- a period in which we're allowed to make no major changes to the infrastructure -- and that means an incredibly intense workload as everyone tries to get their changes in before the freeze arrives. Add to that, the hard drive on my web server just up and died.

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Barnson.org moved!

Due to repeated and increasing problems with our old web hosting provider, we've moved the server to a new host. Let me know if you encounter any issues as a result of the move.

--Matt B.

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Recovery plan for idiots who don't understand big numbers

I ran across the following blog entry today at http://kristofcreative.posterous.com/how-would-you-fix-the-economy . Once again, utter ignorance once numbers get large enough results in a popular-sounding plan that makes absolutely no sense once you break it down.

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The Gladiator Diet

Got this pointed out to me this morning: The Gladiator Diet.

Compared to the average inhabitant of Ephesus, gladiators ate more plants and very little animal protein. The vegetarian diet had nothing to do with poverty or animal rights. Gladiators, it seems, were fat. Consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates, such as barley, and legumes, like beans, was designed for survival in the arena. Packing in the carbs also packed on the pounds. "Gladiators needed subcutaneous fat," Grossschmidt explains. "A fat cushion protects you from cut wounds and shields nerves and blood vessels in a fight." Not only would a lean gladiator have been dead meat, he would have made for a bad show. Surface wounds "look more spectacular," says Grossschmidt. "If I get wounded but just in the fatty layer, I can fight on," he adds. "It doesn't hurt much, and it looks great for the spectators."

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Decision - eBook Reader Digital Things

The time has come when we all must accept that it's not worth it to sit on the sidelines anymore, and enter the fray of digital ebook readers and join the future of literary passage.

The choice: Amazon's Kindle vs. Sony Reader Digital Book.

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