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Jobless no more?

This morning I'm heading in for a follow-up interview. It's for a contracting position through Smith Johnson with emWare, a seven-year "startup" that does software for embedded microcontrollers in devices such as vending machines.

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Smack 'em in the butt

My eight-year-old blonde-haired daughter stared up at me from the couch, a sullen look in her eyes, and a glower underneath her growing blonde eyebrows. Her dripping-wet hair from her shower was slowly soaking the shoulders of her nightdress, her chubby cheeks flushed pink in anger.

"But we didn't even get to finish family night!" she shouted at me, false tears growing in the corner of her eyes.

"Done or not, it's time for bed for you. You've delayed long enough, and now have two choices: you may get to bed on your own power, or under my power," I replied. I've used that phrase enough times now that she's familiar with it: it means that if she doesn't choose to move as asked, she will be carried by me to where I've asked her to go. It's a "Love and Logic" thing: present your children with two choices, and allow them to choose the least objectionable. We know that it's manipulation, and the logical part of me screams 'false dichotomy! false dichotomy!', but it makes things proceed so much more smoothly, and helps maintain at least some pretense at discipline in our house.

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I always liked to ask the hypothetical question: If lightning strikes you, but you live, are you lucky or unlucky.

It was always a cute/annoying thing to ask, and I never really gave it much thought beyond the idea that it would make me seem smart and deep.. and somehow knowing that it did neither.

Finally this week, I got asked the question myself, in a manner of speaking. My house was burglarized on thursday, and the guys trashed my bedroom, ripped through my drawers, overturned my mattress, and collected most of my electronic equipment in the living room to take with them, when an astute neighbor noticed and called the police.

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Atkins Diet Benefits...

I created this response on the alt.suport.diet.low-carb newsgroup. And when I type this much, I'd rather it not be lost to antiquity, you know? Plus, my ISP seems to have been losing posts to newsgroups lately. So I'm archiving it on my blog. A guy who calls himself "Peter" has this to say:

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Happy Anniversary to me...

My wife and I celebrated nine years tonight. It's been a long, hard road at times, but despite difficulties, changes, children, and challenge, there have been rewards aplenty to keep us happy and motivated.

I love you, Christy, with all my heart, more than anything else in my life. For now and always. -- Matthew

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Desktop Linux Distribution Reviews

Barry Smith has begun a series of articles reviewing various GNU/Linux distributions with a focus on the non-guru, non-clueless-newbie audience.

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Low-carbing and Subway Sandwiches

EDIT: I've been to Subway and tried their low-carb wraps. They are really quite good. Five of the eight carbs in the Turkey Bacon Wrap are from the wrap itself. While it's not appropriate for Induction (you're trying to break the carb addiction, after all), it's a nice treat. You can convert any sandwich into a wrap now for an extra $0.50, and from what I understand, in a couple of months Subway is introducing low-carb salads to complement their offerings. Watch this space!

January 1 is often a time of quiet contemplation, reflection, and consideration of times past. Many of us sit down with a sheet of paper, a pencil, and perhaps our partners, and figure out what our goals for this year are going to be. Most often, it really doesn't matter if we achieve these goals (and heck, how many of us actually keep them anyway?) but simply that we set them, and that we aspire to be better than we are.

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Blog notification...

I ran across an interesting utility in a post on kuro5hin.org. It's called Instant Gratification. What it does is, if you're running a weblog, and someone visits, you get sent an instant message to your IM client! This gives you the opportunity, if it's a logged-in user or someone on a related weblog (like LiveJournal, Blogger, and others share user accounts among thousands of blogs -- but I run Drupal, so it's just among a few hundred and whether the user logs in is totally up to the user to decide, rather than involuntary) to actually send IM's to your visitors to determine whether they liked what they saw, what improvements you could put in, etc.

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The problem is, there seems to be somewhere in the annuls of employment, on page 8394, a sentence that reads: "You must be ill to the point that you cannot do your job, and know it hours before".

This double bind is where I am tonight. After leaving work early last night, I struggled with the decision today of whether or not to call in sick. I am not severely or acutely ill at this very moment.. but I was for much of last night, meaning I have had no sleep. I have had bouts with aspects of this illness today (including as recently as an hour before the beginning of my shift), and I had a real fear that going in to work tonight would make me be even sicker for the upcoming week.

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