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Job Hunt: Day 1

Today marks my first day of "joblessness". We have some money in the bank, and a decent severance package, so we're nowhere near out of money... yet. But by the end of February, the savings will have dwindled, the unemployment wouldn't be making up much slack, and we'd begin feeling the pinch pretty hard.

So why don't you check out my excellent resume, available right here at barnson.org, and let me know if you happen to see something that suits my job history?

I've been hitting it pretty hard today. I put in several applications this morning, and I'm planning on making at least one "cold call" a day: that is, a call to an employer who has not advertised they are hiring for a position. I expect to be roundly rejected on these calls, and that's OK! My goal is to build up my sales skills and networks of people who know my name, while also building my research skills in companies, and not necessarily to get a job that way.

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WHY ARE YOU FAMOUS?? Why am I not?

I think the real problem is that the average performer these days is barely talented and that half of the performers are less talented than that.

I just saw Ben Folds in concert at George Washington University, and he was amazing, incredible.. but the guy who opened for him was just some schmoe playing rhythms and chords on gutiar that I could play, and singing songs not as good as mine in a voice not much better. Its not that I'm super talented, but why in God's green earth was he being paid to play for 5000 people, none of whom seemed enthused by his mediocrity?

I feel this way about a lot I see. I am a professional actor, and blast it, why does Ben Affleck get to live in a mansion and not me? Now I understand, I haven't taken my shot (yet).. but the point is, if I take myself out of it..

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Matt, I have put off posting this for a while, not wanting to be the overbearing Mom. You are such a handsome boy, and yet you post this awful picture!!! Not that you don't have good teeth -- but you are such a handsome boy! Why not put up a picture that looks like you. I have some very cute ones of you if you don't have a better one. I have to admit, its a step up from the can with a B on it, but not far. Need some help finding a good picture? I still have one of you in the cheer squad at Quince Orchard? Or in your T ball uniform? Anyway, love from your not so overbearing Mom.

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A Gator By Any Other Name

Gator is changing their name to Claria (see A Gator By Any Other Name - [Slashdot] ). So, this means that a bottom-feeding, scum-sucking product will change from a somewhat reasonable moniker that implies a carnivorous, mud-dwelling reptile to a name that means... nothing. Sounds sort of like Claritin, like "oh, yeah, my computer is going to have freed-up nasal passages because this software is on it".

What a load of horse manure.

I remember when Amway changed their operating name from Amway to Quixtar. Same company, but they had a bad reputation with one name, so they changed the name they operated under (note: it's still Amway under the hood).

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Ethics vs. Morals

I received a note from my buddy, Sam Graber, regarding my comment to this post where I
described the difference between ethics and morals from my point of

I've received some feedback from other people on the topic as well
via email, researched it a bit myself, and I thought I'd share with you
what I've found.

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Barnson.org changes...

There are a few news tidbits, housekeeping, etc. regarding barnson.org. Read on if you're interested in technical esotera...

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Now, there is a headline you don't see every day, eh?

Here's the deal. For a long time we have debated the question of copyright law and music downloading and the ways to stop it. An assertion I have made for a long time has been that the music industry needs to go the way of the motion picture industry (via DVD's), and make it so simply downloading songs doesn't give you the whole album experience.

So, the other day, i went to pick up the newest album by my favorite band (and the most versatile band since the Beatles for my money), Barenaked Ladies. The name of the album was "Everything for Everyone", and as I went to purchase my 15 dollar album, I noticed the album in different packaging for 20 dollars. Looking at the album, I noticed the difference.

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Understanding core motivations

Christy and I are busily reading "The Color Code", by Dr. Taylor Hartman. This book is amazingly illuminating for me -- I'm realizing that my attributes are not uniquely mine (plusses as well as minusses), but that they can be easily categorized and from that point I can figure out what positive and negative traits from other personality types I have.

Dr. Hartman has a "personality profile" test that one takes to begin reading the book. After taking it, most people have attributes from each of the four "primary colors", since personalities are a rainbow of different attributes, but nevertheless one will generally win out. He has you take the test according to your earliest memory of yourself, rather than the way you are now, which definitely skewed my results heavily in one direction; that direction, though, helped me isolate which color I am.

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Postfix in a FreeBSD jail

I recently ran into problems with postfix running inside of a FreeBSD jail. It would constantly report "file too large" errors, and other errors in that vein. Since there appears to be no documentation for FreeBSD "newbies" on fixing this problem, it seems like most people default back to sendmail or exim, rather than using the excellent Postfix MTA on their virtual file systems.

I love postfix, so that is a situation I'd like to change! Here are the directions on how to get postfix working inside a FreeBSD "jail" system.

Well, the basic problem with Postfix in a FreeBSD 4.8 jail is the disconnect in the setrlimit() call in Postfix versus the kernel. You end up with spurious "file too large" errors when sending and receiving messages, which just sucks.

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Announcing a new feature: Barnson.org recipes!

I decided that I'm finally sick of hunting through my cabinets for our family recipes, and that I wanted a place to put them that's always available -- even barring a move or a fire or whatever.

I decided that I may as well set it up so that any registered user of the site can add their favorite recipes, too. So if you have a few to swap, just log in on the right-hand side (or create an account, if you haven't already), and post a few favorite recipes!

Without further ado, here's my first one, for our family's Favorite Rice Pudding! (Named after Kirsten Favorite, now Smith, of course!)

Add comments to the recipe, please, not this blog posting :)

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