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The Desert Star Heckling Society Rides Again!

Last night, in the latest edition of the grand tradition, four stalwart friends assembled at Denny's in Murray, Utah (just a few minutes south of Salt Lake City) for a night of fun.

"I don't know," I mouthed around a jawful of green beans and half-masticated chicken, "we did the Hoo-Doggy last time, and it just seems dated, you know?" I adjusted my backside a bit on the not-too-soft, very narrow, short green booth bench next to an outside window under the dim lighting in the greasy-spoon.

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Food: Daikon or Turnip rather than potatoes?

So, I'm in Day Two of my low-carbohydrate diet. Trying to make sure that I get multivitamins, and have a good mix of veggies to keep me healthy. I'm really trying to avoid the diabetes that seems to traditionally afflict my family, and from the diabetic community, this seems to be a really sure-fire winner. It involves lifelong diet changes, though, which may be hard, but as for the weight-loss and diabetes-avoidance aspects, I only have two words to say: Cool stuff!

One thing I've really missed, though, is potatoes. One poster on the alt.support.diet.low-carb newsgroup suggested using daikon for hash browns rather than potates. One also suggested that Turnips work really well, but you have to soak them in water plus a little cream for about 20 minutes before cooking them.

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There Is Such Thing As Free Lunch

People never cease to amaze me when it comes to the opportunity for receiving free food.

For those of you lucky enough not to live in the Upper Midwest, let me bring you up to speed on the Minneapolis "situation". I walked into the local sub joint a couple weeks ago. As standard with most walk-in retail food operators, a fishbowl is perched near the checkout register, asking people to drop in their business card for a chance to win a free six inch sub.

Retail value of six inch sub: less than $5.00.

I noticed that next to the free-sub fishbowl, was yet another fishbowl. This second fishbowl had been placed there by another business looking to drum up sales leads. This second fishbowl, placed by the largest Minneapolis athletic club had an pretty cool offer. Somebody's card would be chosen at random at that winner would receive a free year's membership at the gym.

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Heading to St. George!

So, today, I turned in a few resumes. Called a friend in Great Britain (Ahh, IP telephony is so nice!) and asked if he knew of any jobs available, or people I could talk to looking for a job there. No dice, but I'll be talking to him again soon I think, seeing if he remembered any names. Played Planetside for about 30 minutes... didn't even go into the new expansion area. Dead world, nobody on this time of day (11 AM Mountain time).

Answered a lot of emails. Fixed emailing problem from my web site... it turns out that I hadn't synched over the "sendmail" binary from my old system. Using a different version of postfix's sendmail interface really made it unhappy, and every message bounced. Finally fixed the primary DNS on a couple of my domains. All DNS requests for those domains were being answered by the lowly little Pentium Pro 200 in my basement running OpenBSD. Uck.

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Job Hunt: Day 1

Today marks my first day of "joblessness". We have some money in the bank, and a decent severance package, so we're nowhere near out of money... yet. But by the end of February, the savings will have dwindled, the unemployment wouldn't be making up much slack, and we'd begin feeling the pinch pretty hard.

So why don't you check out my excellent resume, available right here at barnson.org, and let me know if you happen to see something that suits my job history?

I've been hitting it pretty hard today. I put in several applications this morning, and I'm planning on making at least one "cold call" a day: that is, a call to an employer who has not advertised they are hiring for a position. I expect to be roundly rejected on these calls, and that's OK! My goal is to build up my sales skills and networks of people who know my name, while also building my research skills in companies, and not necessarily to get a job that way.

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WHY ARE YOU FAMOUS?? Why am I not?

I think the real problem is that the average performer these days is barely talented and that half of the performers are less talented than that.

I just saw Ben Folds in concert at George Washington University, and he was amazing, incredible.. but the guy who opened for him was just some schmoe playing rhythms and chords on gutiar that I could play, and singing songs not as good as mine in a voice not much better. Its not that I'm super talented, but why in God's green earth was he being paid to play for 5000 people, none of whom seemed enthused by his mediocrity?

I feel this way about a lot I see. I am a professional actor, and blast it, why does Ben Affleck get to live in a mansion and not me? Now I understand, I haven't taken my shot (yet).. but the point is, if I take myself out of it..

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Matt, I have put off posting this for a while, not wanting to be the overbearing Mom. You are such a handsome boy, and yet you post this awful picture!!! Not that you don't have good teeth -- but you are such a handsome boy! Why not put up a picture that looks like you. I have some very cute ones of you if you don't have a better one. I have to admit, its a step up from the can with a B on it, but not far. Need some help finding a good picture? I still have one of you in the cheer squad at Quince Orchard? Or in your T ball uniform? Anyway, love from your not so overbearing Mom.

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A Gator By Any Other Name

Gator is changing their name to Claria (see A Gator By Any Other Name - [Slashdot] ). So, this means that a bottom-feeding, scum-sucking product will change from a somewhat reasonable moniker that implies a carnivorous, mud-dwelling reptile to a name that means... nothing. Sounds sort of like Claritin, like "oh, yeah, my computer is going to have freed-up nasal passages because this software is on it".

What a load of horse manure.

I remember when Amway changed their operating name from Amway to Quixtar. Same company, but they had a bad reputation with one name, so they changed the name they operated under (note: it's still Amway under the hood).

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Ethics vs. Morals

I received a note from my buddy, Sam Graber, regarding my comment to this post where I
described the difference between ethics and morals from my point of

I've received some feedback from other people on the topic as well
via email, researched it a bit myself, and I thought I'd share with you
what I've found.

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Barnson.org changes...

There are a few news tidbits, housekeeping, etc. regarding barnson.org. Read on if you're interested in technical esotera...

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