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Sunday Sermon: Fixing the wrong problem

The sound of crying echoed down the hall, jolting my ears with the harsh harmonics natural to the vocal folds of your average one-year-old human child. For a few scant moments, in half-awake state, I reflected on how interesting it was that Nature has provided us with such a stimulus-response pattern, engendered in our forbears and, with rare exception, honored by parents, to force action to the distress of an infant. Equally remarkable are the changes to the tonality of their cries, such that even by the age of three years, their tone is not so tuned as to arouse paternal responses in strangers, but instead engender annoyance.

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Matt's Music Page

I created this Music page in hopes that it will help visitors find the music I've recorded without having to wade through years of weblog entries. You should be able to reach it through the "music" link permanently anchored now at the top of all barnson.org pages. Enjoy!

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Found an old friend!

I found an old friend's web site. Jenny Gagne! I'm pretty sure the name means nothing to most of you, but her site looks interesting and promotional of her artwork. Which reminds me, I need to get a "listen to my music" and "buy my music" link up here some time so people don't have to dig through months of old blog entries to find the songs that are going to show up on my CD in December.

Anyway, she keeps up with her weblog, I look forward to catching up on her life. We met back at Ridgeview Jr. High School. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly how we met. I think it was just through a class or something. There are some stories that are incredibly vivid because they were so weird (like meeting Jon Brusco on the bus, that was a very odd encounter), but in Jen's case... darnit, I can't quite remember. I remember her little brother, Stefan was fun, but incredibly, incredibly brainy. He's pretty active in developing modules for Neverwinter Nights, a game I used to play more than I do now.

The older I get, the more I need friends who knew me when I was young.

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WWDN Memorial

Wil Wheaton's Web Site looks a little different today, September 11 2003. Check it out.

I'd totally spaced on what day it was today. Glad Wil's part of my tribe of humans.

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mod_gzip and barnson.org

I just enabled mod_gzip for barnson.org, brusco.org, and outlanders-outfit.org. I hope you notice a really big speedup! gzip compression is supported on newer versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and other browsers.

Setting it up was a really straightforward process on this FreeBSD server (as root):

  1. # cd /usr/ports/www/mod_gzip/
  2. # make
  3. # make install
  4. I then edited /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf and removed the pound sign from the front of these two lines:
    • LoadModule gzip_module libexec/apache/mod_gzip.so
    • AddModule mod_gzip.c
  5. Then I tacked the following lines onto the end of the httpd.conf:

    # [mod_gzip configuration]

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How to use WebCalendar

I noticed with interest that, although the product WebCalendar has an excellent installation guide, and decent on-line help, it has no real basic description of how to do things.

Since I work at a bank with non-technically-skilled co-workers, I felt we needed something that would gently introduce them to how to use WebCalendar. You are free to copy the below text for use on your own Intranet or wherever else; as usual, my blanket copyright at the bottom of this site covers this document as well as others. All I require is a prominent link back to the URL from which you initially copied the text.

If you choose to use this as an introduction for your users, won't you please leave a comment? It's not much, but it is encouraging.

I made one code modification to WebCalendar: I changed the includes/styles.php file, in the ".navlinks" section, to:

text-decoration: underline

My users are not very technically competent, and although the default css causes "hover" actions over links to glow, they still have trouble finding the links unless they are underlined like everywhere else on the web.

And away we go!


The WebCalendar program is remarkably simple to use, yet has some very powerful features if you choose to take advantage of them.

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What happened to Summer Movies?

I would never have the wherewithall to create my own blogging page, so I joined the ranks of Barnson.org, just to state my humble opinion. I have in one way or another contributed countless hours to debating matt on this here website, so I figured I'd step forward and introduce myself.


That being said, I've been enjoying a conversation with many of my friends and family about the Summer Movie Saeon this year, and have been lamenting the lack of excitement present in this movie season.

It was only a year ago when STAR WARS came out 2 weeks after Spider-Man and kicked off one of the most successful summers in Movie History. After a summer of Men in Black, Austin Powers, and the like, I was already prepping for a year or fun fun fun.

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Migrating IMAP mailboxes using Linux and Mailsync

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a "running blog" today, updated as I complete several steps. It will continue to change until I've nailed this process down -- I just wanted it recorded, and my blog seems a good spot to put up technical documentation.

This is my personal how-to on how I am migrating users from Groupwise to Cyrus Mail. I know this may sound backwards to some people! If it sounds odd to you, guess you're not a free/open-source software aficianado.


We were given a directive by our CIO that was quite simple. "Replace Groupwise. We're done running Novell stuff on our network. If you choose an alternative where we can own the source code, you may implement it without question. If you choose a proprietary alternative, you must provide written cost justification."

Exhibiting the enthusiasm that all systems administrators show for options that require cost-justification, I, of course, chose the free software option :) Spencer Tuttle did the initial Cyrus implementation and LDAP integration (a process well-documented elsewhere on the web), and eventually it fell to me to figure out how to migrate the Groupwise mailboxes to Cyrus. This, unfortunately, is much tougher than it sounds. Yeah, there's an easy way, but given the choice between doing it the easy way and relying on users to get it right, and doing it the hard way but being in control of the process and knowing it's done right, I'd rather be in control.

Products evaluated

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird. This is our chosen mail client for post-Groupwise life, so we figured we could just have all the users log into both their Groupwise and Cyrus mail accounts at the same time, and copy the folders over that they want to keep.


    • It just works™. You can log into both mailstores and drag folders.
    • Users gain complete control over what gets moved.

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I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and enjoyed my time with my family and children. We celebrated Zach's sixth birthday on Sunday with grandparents, cousins, aunts, an uncles. I had a chance to meet up with a friend from a common mailing list in person, and he was very interesting and fun to talk to -- can't wait to do it again, with more people. We went to the park tonight and played while picnicking with a neighbor family. I'm just about to retire for the night and snuggle with my beloved.

Of course, due to all this activity, I had zero blog entries :)

"Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind." --Socrates

"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." --Albert Einstein

"Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see Beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see Beauty never grows old. --Frank Kafka"

My life is beautiful.

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EjectEjectEject: On Individual Responsibility

I just finished reading an excellent, lengthy essay by Bill Whittle, on the topic of individual responsibility. If I get permission from him, I will reprint it here. If you plan on reading it, you need to allocate probably about an hour (for a reasonably speedy reader) to get through the essay and all the comments. Quotes follow, not necessarily in order in the essay (emphasis mine):

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