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EjectEjectEject: On Individual Responsibility

I just finished reading an excellent, lengthy essay by Bill Whittle, on the topic of individual responsibility. If I get permission from him, I will reprint it here. If you plan on reading it, you need to allocate probably about an hour (for a reasonably speedy reader) to get through the essay and all the comments. Quotes follow, not necessarily in order in the essay (emphasis mine):

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Hotmail Out Of Memory

Just had a funny entry scroll past my window. We use sender address verification where I work to confirm that a sender, in fact, exists at the domain from which the mail is purported to be sent. Some spam just came our way claiming to be from hotmail, so of course Postfix (our mail transfer agent) ran out to Hotmail to make sure the user existed. What do we get on the reply? (a couple names changed to protect our network)

Aug 28 14:18:32 bubba postfix/smtpd[6705]: 1AA1FB8024: reject: RCPT from bay4-f28.bay4.hotmail.com[]: 450 <maukc@msn.com>: Sender address rejected: unverified address: host mx2.hotmail.com[] said: 452 Out of memory (in reply to MAIL FROM command); from=<maukc@msn.com> to=<pcoker@bankloan.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<hotmail.com>

Hotmail ran out of memory? They have to be getting slammed by something, they run some pretty beefy mail servers.

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Autism or Demonic Possession?

Minister charged with abuse in boy's death

A church minister was charged Tuesday with physical abuse of a child in the
death of an 8-year-old autistic boy who died as church leaders tried to
heal him at a storefront church in Milwaukee.

This so-called "minister" sat on a kid for two hours, suffocating him to death, in trying to drive out the "demons" that caused his autism. The mother of the boy helped hold him down as he was murdered in the name of religion. And people wonder why I insist that rationality, not emotion or the supernatural, govern my life.

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Pitch correction

Posted to this article on Slashdot today, and I figured I'd like to archive it somewhere useful...

Tuning, pitch, and scale are closely correlated. The two most common "tunings" in the western world are even-tempered and Pythagorean. The most common "scales" are Ionian and Aeolian (major and minor), with Dorian and Phrygian sometimes chiming in on popular music, but rarely others. Other cultures offer non-pentatonic scales with sometimes only five notes. I'm not confusing pitch and scale. I'm explaining that often pitch correction is necessary, particularly in some unusual recording situations, due to the conflict between modern even-tempered 12-tone tuning of certain instruments and the natural instinct of a singer or inexact-pitch instrument (such most strings, which depend on finger position for pitch, and some woodwinds where one can slightly adjust pitch via jaw tension) to gravitate towards a sweeter, non-logarithmic tuning.

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Best rant ever!

Eric S. Raymond (ESR) just posted the best rant I've ever read.

Eric is one of the luminaries of the Open-Source/Free Software community. His seminal writings, such as "The Cathedral And The Bazaar", "Homesteading the Noosphere", and "The Magic Cauldron" have shaped the values of a generation of software programmers steeped in the open development tradition. I've never seen anything make him angry before in his writing. This is an amazing first.

If you're interested in more background on this case, I'd recommend Googling for details on "SCO versus IBM", "Linux versus SCO", and hitting the archives on Slashdot.org searching for "SCO". There's a lot of history for one short year.

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I am spending today moving servers to a newer, safer location. I'm tired of the power outages in this colo; they are very frustrating and frequent. I'm locking both the Outlanders Outfit and barnson.org databases here once I get the move underway, so if you are unable to post comments you'll know why. I should be done by the end of today, Aug 25 2003.

It was a close thing that my server wasn't hosed forever. Guess I need to start doing nightly mysqldump's and exports from Cyrus mail.

For your daily dose of freakishness, try this link. Yes, it's work-safe. Just pictures from the 1991 Anything Goes production at Quince Orchard High School. I was "Sir Evelyn Oakleigh", first picture on the upper left. Man, I look different.

For the impatient, here's the image without clicking (boy, the things I do for you!). The strangest thing is, Mary's kept these pictures around for 12 years, and I think they've been up on the web nearly that long. Dig the rouge!

Matt Barnson and Jen Wolfe as Evelyn Oakleigh and Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes

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One Man: Prerelease!

OK, folks, early reviews are in, and although the song is not finished, they are highly favorable. So I figure I'll throw this over the wall. Click "Read More" to get the full blog and the download link for this tune. Best work I've ever done. But still not Garageband-ready.

"One Man" is a song with many lives. At the age of 17, I was conflicted, coming out of the other side of my mom's divorce, and had just spent a week

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My Sunday Sermon

As is often the case on Sunday mornings, our toddler and my wife were able to get some sleep around the same time Sunday morning, so I caught up on the conversations in some mailing lists. A conversation is raging through one list regarding a judge who secretly installed a two-ton stone Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama State Supreme Court building. Some list members suggested that if the Ten Commandments were an appropriate monument on the property of a government-owned building, perhaps the Wiccan "do what ye will, but harm no one" belief, or the Mormon "Articles of Faith" should also be given government ground. Good old ELC, the raving catholic, chose to speak up:

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Copyright and Old Slashdot Threads

I was reviewing some of my old Slashdot posts, and I came across some interesting arguments from June of this year that, it's interesting to note, my own opinions sway slightly from.

Part of this is my being honest: I got a C&D (Cease And Desist) from Universal a month or so after I wrote these comments. I'd tried out a program called "eMule" (apparently a clone of another program called "eDonkey"), got myself a username, and went out hunting for what sort of copyright-infringing stuff I could download. Along with the usual assortment of cracked software, mp3's, and pornographic crap that's floating around that network, there is also a large assortment of movies.

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SCO: Bruce Perens' Reply to Las Vegas Showing

I just read an excellent piece by Bruce Perens (a personal hero of mine that I've heard speak on several occasions) which was based on SCO's recent slide show on "offending" code in the Linux kernel which they claim is their stolen IP.

Rather than link to the story, I'll add my own mirror and an "Amen, brother". I would be terrifically offended if some company claimed ownership on code that I had written, and the Linux kernel development community is right in calling for SCO to show more of the source they claim is infringing.

To continue this dog and pony show of not allowing anybody to see the source that is in dispute (or even to name the line numbers of the disputed code in the publicly-available Linux kernel) is just dishonest. They are intentionally playing a game of fear, uncertainty, and doubt with the future of Linux in order to support their greatest financier, Microsoft,

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