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Matt's Gadgets for 2012

Here are the gadgets I currently use on a daily basis:

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Upgrading Mythbuntu from 10.04 to 11.10

I have been using MythTV for several years at home. My family loves the DVR; it's easy-to-use, mostly bug-free, and has allowed us to enjoy television at our leisure rather than at the broadcaster's schedule.

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NY Times Editorial - Reasons for the Deficit

Ben posted an interesting link on Facebook to a NY Times editorial piece: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/24/opinion/sunday/24sun4.html?_r=1&ref=to...

Basically, roughly 60% of the deficit from 2001 on was caused by Bush's tax cuts and the wars in Afghanistan/Iraq. The rest is the stimulus, TARP, medicare-drug relief, and non-defense discretionary spending.

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Things I wished I'd known as a teenager

I now have two teenage children. As most parents of teens can attest, this is often a cause for introspection. Therefore, without further ado, here's a list of things I wished I'd known when I was a teenager.

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Tom Ball burns himself alive

A man named Tom Ball burned himself alive on the courthouse steps in Keene County, NH. on Thursday morning.
This guy was not a complete loony, He was actually a very reasonable man put into an unreasonable situation,

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Bological determinism and self-control

Yet another interesting article with relatively reliable citations crept up.
It presents an interesting parallel between how well you process glucose and self-control. When researching ways to maintain stable glucose levels. I constantly kept coming across the same information:

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Why Men are not marrying

Some guys over on the spearhead have an interesting article on Why men are not getting married anymore.
There's a couple of cuss words, but on the whole it makes a lot of sense.

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Gas Saving Tips

In years past we've kicked off summer by scribing our armchair methods for saving gas. Now that 100% of us remaining Barnsonites are child-rearing, Republican-fearing, SUV-wheeling road warriors, please allow me to inaugurate the 2011 summer season with a friendly list of ways to save on gas.


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Clueles IT People

So I have a guy who's the IT resource in our DC office. That office has a manager who's bristling at our deployment of Sharepoint, but it's also has basic internet connectivity issues that the ISP, the LEC, and we've gone around and around on.

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My 100-line Python program

I've been using Python for a few years, but mostly for extremely simple and short stuff. By and large, truly, I've mainly just referenced someone else's libraries in Python to do something that I couldn't do easily in Bash.

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