I learn what I think when I read what I write.
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Assessment Essay

Tonight, i wrote the following essay for my entrance assessment to Western Governors University. I hope you might find it informative and entertaining. It was fun to write!

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What's on your Pandora?

What's on your Pandora? Here's mine.

Let's see... on my list:
* Breaking Benjamin.
* 80's Dance Parties. When you just didn't get enough of "The Wedding Singer".
* Barry White Radio. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. But I think Barry may be lost on anyone younger than 30...
* BT Radio. Sweet techno tunes.
* Celtic Woman Radio. White folks singing about white women stuff in the Old Country.

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Has America just been the 'Mark' in the biggest con game in history?

Okay, this is likely to be a bit contentuous and maybe even scandalous, but I have been doing an enormous amount of research and starting to wonder about a great many things. The first one is:

did we miss something REALLY big with our response to 9/11? were Americans played as complete suckers and we took the bait? were we utterly outsmarted at every turn by the people we were fighting?

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Utah Helis and More

Last night I went to the Utah Helicopter Association meeting in American Fork at the Rec Center. I often miss the meeting, but went this month because I've spent some time revamping the Utah Helicopter Association Web Site.

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Back on the wagon: Day 3

So here I am at Day 3 of my current fat-loss saga. Plus factors: just changing my eating habits already deducted about four pounds from my frame. Minus side: it's mostly four pounds of "lean" according to my fat-monitoring scale. Which means it's glycogen storage in my muscles & liver.

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Weight loss Day 2 & Updates

So last night my family & I went to see "Megamind" at the local dollar theater together. With a total of 6 in our family, it's really the only way to go out to a movie affordably. The only cheap theater in our part of the valley is Cinemark Sandy Movies 9. Like most such theaters, they only get the movies very late in the theatrical run.

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On the wagon again: Day 1

Like many people, I set New Years Resolutions this year. One of my primary ones is to lose the weight I've put on since August of 2009.

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Why you want to record as loud as possible

People often wonder "why should I record a signal as loudly as possible when it risks clipping above 0dB?" Here's your answer. It all boils down to RESOLUTION, and that's why 24-bit recording -- and soon, IMHO, 32-bit recording and even higher -- are all the rage. A friend who is a professional storyteller is trying to engineer his own CD. He started out with GarageBand.

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Why I won't vote Constitution party

Want to know why I won't vote Constitution party? Well, I believe our nation is a grand experiment in a secular democracy: a Republic founded upon Enlightenment principles. Ours was the first Western nation to believe -- and embody in its founding documents -- that the power of government springs from the consent of the governed, not from God or earthly institutions claiming to speak for God.

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Gay Suicide vs. Suicide

Look, I don't want to be the a*s*ole here, but I just wanted to review the facts and make sure I understand what I believe to be a misconstrued misplacement of national attention.

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