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The Veneer of Respectability

My problem with organized religion is illustrated by a small slice of a speech being given by some dude with an accent on the TV in Utah right now. He used an urban legend as if it were truth to prove a doctrinal point. Religions are based on legends formed from half-truths and inaccurate memories accepted as fact and given a veneer of respectability by the passage of time.

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So, unless you've been hiding under a facebooky rock, you know that my film (in that I wrote, directed, cut, scored, and financed it) NINJAS VS ZOMBIES is finally out on DVD. Yup.. you can get it on Netflix, buy it from walmart.com or bestbuy.com (or a host of other places - just go to www.nvzmovie.com and click the DVD), you can watch it on demand with AMAZON VOD (if you have TiVO I think that is part of the deal), you can see trailers on youtube, read reviews at aintitcool, order our comic book, and basically bathe in NVZ goodness all over the intertubes.

And please do.. cuz it really helps me a lot, even if you just put it in your queue.

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Giving Access without Giving Access

Friends of the netherweb,

I'm looking for tried-and-true processes for enabling a new potential tech vendor access to my website without providing access at the web server level.

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Microsoft Windows BSOD involved in Deepwater Horizon disaster

So it turns out that the worst environmental disaster in US history -- the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent spill -- may be, in part, due to Microsoft Windows systems crashing.

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Should I upgrade to a Core i3/i5/i7 processor? (2010)

Recently, a friend approached me with a short question that has a much longer answer.

"Do you think it's really worth it to upgrade to the i3 Core processor?"

The computing industry has really stabilized over the past 5-6 years. We (collectively, humanity-wide) have bumped up against some really hard-limits in computing recently with heat management and silicon manufacturing techniques, resulting in the push to parallelize processing more: more cores, lower clock speeds, bigger caches, extracting more per clock cycle with less waste, reducing heat output and power requirements, etc. It's been a boon for data centers, as the average cost of running these things has actually flattened out. Power requirements, while not going down, are not going up exponentially just like CPU speeds were for a while. And the power cost per GHz of CPU speed, and per GB of storage, is of course going down as we squeeze more performance per kilowatt-hour out of the systems.

So really, over the past four years, that has been the #1 improvement in CPU tech: extracting more performance for the same amount of power. Not extracting more performance as an absolute measure. Also there's been a push to integrate Graphics Processing Units into the CPU core to enhance performance. As a result, it's brought 3D gaming capabilities into the mainstream of computing, with lots of applications in real life that most of us rarely explored before. In addition, virtualization of operating systems has taken off like never before, as we can stuff more and more CPUs into the same form factor with similar power requirements. Even desktop users are very commonly virtualizing entire operating systems on their laptops these days. I know I do; I'm running a Solaris VM and a Linux VM on my Windows laptop at this very moment.

For the home user, though, if faster integrated graphics and extracting more work per clock cycle with better battery life tickles your fancy, then yes, an upgrade to a Core i3 (mobile), Core i5 (Desktop Mainstream), or Core i7 (high-end computing) processor is on your radar. Also, niche markets like audio-visual recording and real-time processing can take advantage of this sort of parallelized-power, if you will, driving innovation in the computing industry today. If power consumption isn't much of a concern and you prefer discrete graphics, or if you aren't running applications that can take advantage of symmetric multi-processing, then the i3 may not be worth the upgrade for you.

Keep smiling!

--Matt B.

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Women's memory and weight

Chanced across an article guaranteed to create some controversy: Women who are carrying more body fat have worse memory than those who carry less.

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Web Hosting Hub Review


I received an invitation today (July 12, 2010) from Web Hosting Hub to try out their hosting service and compare it to my current web hosting provider (who shall remain nameless). There are a number of key features that I look for. Note that this list is from memory, and I didn't check their list of features before writing it.

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About Me


You know, I realized that, after over a decade of operation, I have never really written an "About Me" page on my web site. No time like the present!

I was born in 1973 in the state of West Virginia, United States of America,

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End Domestic Abuse


Recently, I've been conducting a great deal of research on blogging. Trying to understand what currently drives the blogosphere. After a great deal of "research" -- said research being mostly "reading random links from bloggers who stay current" -- I've come to the conclusion that, by and large, most bloggers are still doing what they've always done. Journaling their personal life, sometimes with hope of compensation, but more often than not simply so they have a place to express themselves, and more importantly, receive feedback that they are normal.

This morning I chanced across Pretty in Pink. I surfed through a number of recent posts to find something that interested me. Her blog details the usual day-to-day events and goings-on in her life, liberally mixed with product reviews and the paid endorsements and advertising links that are so common today. While perusing her recent entries, though, I happened across Pink's recent post on post on Domestic Violence that stood out to me. Excerpt:

I began to think if being a battered wife is also normal? is it? does that mean once you commit your self to the man legally, it also gives him the right to punch you as often as he likes, does that mean too that once your married it also follows of submitting your human rights to the one person you think who loves you completely. If that is the case, then eventually married life will turn out to be hell and i pity those women who becomes helpless because of the bind between them.

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"Whatever hatred saves the number."

This nonsense sentence has a meaning behind it. As many of you have probably guessed, I'm working on posting more content to my web site. Part of my reason for this, at heart, is an experiment with this hypothesis:

A reasonably-intelligent person can make enough money from blogging to support a somewhat-expensive hobby, and possibly much more.

My expensive hobby is radio-controlled aircraft. I totally have self-interest at stake here. Monetizing my blog combines two things I love: writing and getting paid!

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