I learn what I think when I read what I write.
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The Return Of His Rhymeness

It's been too long since I've been too loud
Since I've showed you how to rock the crowd
Movin' the masses with my lyrical wordplay
Wasting your day setting your iPod to replay
My songs over and over and over some more
I invade your ears like you're an aural whore
My name is Weed, the microphone's my bitch
Never smoked up but the names's no glitch

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Tasers are Terror weapons

I keep telling people this, but they don't understand. Tasers HURT. I have been hit with tasers several times in training, and tasers are quite literally torture devices.

The problem is that the stigma of 'Nonlethal weapons' has given Police officers the freedom to use these torture weapons at will and with little to no accountability, and this is a freedom many of them have abused.

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GV User Posting

Last week I started using Google Voice. Way cool. I'm having some early successes with the ease of the interface and the smoothness of releasing a single 10-digit sequence to reach me. All the phones are ringing and I'm starting to group incoming calls.

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10th Anniversary of Leaving DC - Mad Props to Weed

This marks the 10th anniversary of my leaving DC. 10 years ago I moved from the DC area to Nashville, TN to start grad school. Except I didn't make the trek alone.

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Dell firmware update broke my MD3000i...kind of

So Dell contacted us a few weeks back and told us they would love to remote into our MD3000i Storage Array (hereby referring to as the "SAN") and update its firmware.

Sure, we told Dell. Love to have ya!

So some scheduling took place, and emails were sent notifying of downtimes, and backups were made, and they day came and Dell updated our firmware.

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Barnson California Vacation: Day 3

For the first time in many, many years, my wife and I are taking a road trip right now. The kids are staying with grandparents for a week and a half, and we decided we wanted to take this time to enjoy one another and take a vacation. We swung through Las Vegas to Bakersfield, and now Santa Cruz. We had a few objectives on this trip: spend as much time together without our kids as we could, and make a memorable trip as cheaply as possible.

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iPhone anti-theft

Slashdot is running a story today about how three geeks attending a Lego convention used the "Find my iPhone" app to recover a stolen iPhone:

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I contracted a virus - HELP!

Help!!! I contracted a virus on my PC. Here's how I know. A couple days ago I thought Microsoft's website was down. Then my co-worker told me he received a file from me via physical thumb drive in which his virus protection software alerted that w32/conflicker.worm!nf virus was found on the flashdrive.

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WebMD gets low-carb wrong... again.

I guess it's really not a news flash, but yet another uninformed article confusing cause and effect has become popular in low-carb circles, and I need to post my response.

Here's the so-called "informative" article, concluding that low-carb diets are unsafe:

From the article:

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Be Good For Peace Monkey's Sake

I know, I know, it's been around for a long time, but I just heard about [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAzvKt_8lk]Mis-Heard O Fortuna Lyrics[/url]. LOL ROFLMAO. Had to share. Safe for work, but be careful, I had tears streaming out of my eyes by the end it was so funny...

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